How to Sort a Pandas DataFrame by Values



Sorting is one of the most common tasks in programming. So, we will also need to performing sorting with Pandas. Pandas provides us with sorting methods that are very useful. In this article, we will see how to sort a pandas DataFrame by its Values.

Sorting by Values

To story a data frame by values, we use the sort_values method and pass a column name(s) to the by name parameter. Let's see an example of how to sort by single and multiple columns.

import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame([
		"person": "James",
		"sales": 1000,
		"lastName": "Taylor",
		"person": "Clara",
		"sales": 3000,
		"lastName": "Brown"
		"person": "Greg",
		"sales": 3000,
		"lastName": "Genee"

# Sort by single column
sortedDf = df.sort_values(by='sales')

# Sort by multiple columns
sortedDf2 = df.sort_values(by=['sales', 'pearson'])