How to Create a Joint Plot in Seaborn



Seaborn provides a helpful method jointplot which allows easy access to many kind of plots to compare multiple variables. For example, you can use the kind paramter to specify and of the following plots “scatter” | “kde” | “hist” | “hex” | “reg” | “resid”. In this article, we will see how to create a Joint Plot with the Seaborn library.

Creating a Joint Plot

To create a join plot, we use the jointplot method. We then need to specify the two variables we want to compare using the x and y named paramters. We can also specify the kind named paramter to tell Seaborn which plot we would like to see.

import seaborn as sns

penguins = sns.load_dataset("penguins")

sns.jointplot(data = penguins,
			  x = "bill_length_mm",
			  y = "bill_depth_mm",
			  kind = "scatter")